Monday, February 8, 2010

The Liquid Burning of Apocalyptic Bard Letters

This coming Thursday Feb. 11th, my friend Aaron Cynic of Diatribe Media / Chicagoist and I have teamed to throw a reading event based on the theme of dystopia and apocalypse. Since my book Turban Tan is a very much in the realm of dystopia and global apocalypse, and Aaron's forthcoming zine explores this theme as well, we figured it'd be swell idea to pool our efforts and really have fun with such a heavy theme that is open to a wild variety of intense scenarios. We're jacked about the line up we've added on as well, Dan Mac Rae (playwright of Magnets, Division & Shame), Ian Randall (frontman of Farmer Tan Market, actor, and slam poet), Kevin Robinson (Chicagoist) and Grant Schreiber (Judas Goat Quarterly). All will be reading a selected work of their own original work related to the theme. None of use know what the other will be reading. Element of surprise. I've worked up a brand new short story for it, never before read or heard by another soul (although I might ask my girlfriend to take a proof reading pass at it).

If you're in the Chicago area, I hope you check it out. If you're a jet setter, come check it out. It's in the basement bar Matilda Baby Atlas. Probably one of the most unique bars I've seen. One of my favorites. We shot our Wood Sugars short film (Bee)tnick Poet there so give it a quick view if you'd like to see the sweet space. We'll have fun with the apocalypse.

The novel I'm working on has some elements of apocalypse/dystopia, although more so "pre-apocalypse." It's on the tottering brink, but the story really focuses elsewhere, I just like the back drop of the "pre-apocalypse." I got this strange fascination with the apocalypse. I know it's a bit of a dark and scary subject, but the idea of it really trips my imagination. Restarting society. Running a-muck in a vacant, dilapidated world. Abandoned buildings...former metropolises still standing, over grown. I don't mean to point melodramatically to these times we live in and the pervasive global climate. I don't mean to stir up frightening images. But I think it's an important theme to explore, if we want to avoid it.

The Liquid Burning of Apocalyptic Bard Letters

THURSDAY, February 11th, 2010.

9:00pm – mingle and chat about the apocalypse.

9:30-10:30pmReadings occur.

10:30pm – toast the apocalypse and carry on.

In the basement of 3101 N. Sheffield Ave.

Matilda’s - Baby Atlas

***enjoy $3 Point Ale and half off appetizers***

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