Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pink Vehicle

When I was a kid I would laugh really hard whenever I would see a pink car out and about. I believe this was not a ridiculing laugh, but a happy laugh. Whenever I see a pink car out and about these days, it sort of fills me with glee. This is an image I'd like to hold onto and chuckle to. I'm currently in the throws of gearing up to move to a new apartment and I find in the final stages of packing some sort of dust gets into my soul and makes me pissy. I'd rather be the child giggling at pink cars than the grump putting his life into recycled boxes.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Snot Seizure

This week I've been fighting a harsh summer cold. I caught the common cold. I flew back into Chicago from Minnesota after a trip to visit family, and I suspect the combination of recycled air on the flight with the delayed flight, putting me back in town very late and little sleep before the next prior workday, is what did me in. It got progressively worse throughout the week with long work days and several live Wood Sugars shows late into the night. It crescendo-ed Friday morning when I lost my voice completely. I took a sick day for the first time in a long, long time. Last night I took some NyQuil for a deep sleep. At one point I awoke to use the bathroom and could barely muster the coordination to get out of bed. It was as though the sleep paralysis feature of REM sleep hadn't worn off yet. Discombobulated I stepped out of bed and walked with jarred steps like a seizure gripped me. I reached for my water glass on my bed stand and pulled it to my lips. I didn't time it right. I turned it down much before my lips hit and rushed water down my chest and legs and on the floor and my feet slipped a little bit walking over the spill. I continued to walk like a cripple to the bathroom and peed sitting down to minimize more messes in this state.

I had a vivid dream in which I was training for an ice skating competition but was practicing upon the wood tiles of a basketball court. And I skated boarded home in a dream but in a similar discombobulated, nonfunctional, spasmodic, non-coordinated struggle as my journey to the bathroom.