Saturday, March 20, 2010

dust bunnies - itemized focal points

the hiding of the dust bunnies
does interfere with the channel changing
of the gunslinger's short intention span
he is under the influence of something
and it doesn't seem an earthly intoxication
like the man drank some kind of booze that
either existed way in the past or deep into
the future and some how he snagged a sip
at a bar that exists in a two-dimensional portal
as though he read some book
and the imaginary stimulus was enough to run with
but the man doesn't read books
but he's staring at dust bunnies
and tossing his gun up and down
and flipping through every goddamn
television channel that exists

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the pike projected

The Whiskey Pike movie has become my obsession, my passion project. The film adaptation will be my main focal point over the coming year/years until it is being projected at theaters.

I spent quite a few months pounding out a variety of projects but nothing went further than a second or third draft. I feel its time to really hone in on a project and tighten both the creative and business ends of it. So since I can't stop thinking about this one, I am going to give into it. I'm probably on my 5th draft of the feature screenplay, and although I'm happy with it, I'm continually revising and playing with it.

At first it was looking to be very much a period piece, but on further introspection and thinking about the project I've decided that period pieces are in danger of getting so caught up into the dramaturgy and taking themselves so so seriously that they fall flat. I've begun playing with the setting of the piece to maintain a somewhat antiquated world with getting myself pinned the exactitude of the 1800s. It's important to me to keep it a low tech world, so what I'm experimenting with is a modern -esque where the power grid has completely collapsed, so every one back to "re-pioneering" the world, and crafting sustenance from the ground, from one's hands. Although I'm not interested in dwelling upon it as a post-apocalyptic piece, I am interested in the platform of a frontier on top of a failed infrastructure.

My very good friend James N. Kienitz Wilkins is interested in directing, I'll be producing and performing as Shane Bowermaster. I'm looking forward to collaborating with him again. We made quite a few movies growing up and into college and beyond college.

Now it is time to fund raise, fund raise, fund raise. One of the best things you can do is buy the illustrated book, some of the royalties will be going into the film fund.

Order Order!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flake Out

I've been a punk and haven't posted in a while. I'm sure you've been okay, but I apologize to anyone who was anxiously checking. I started working a day job again! Which in this economy is good news! To bring everyone up to speed I resigned from my job in the photo-tourism industry for a variety of reasons. I stuck it to the man and said I'm gonna go be an artist! And I did. I wrote wrote wrote wrote. I'm proud of what I was able to do with the time 5 months in savings was able to provide for me. I wrote a novella and published it. I wrote the first draft of a novel. I wrote a feature length screenplay. I wrote a play. I wrote 10 short stories. I co-wrote and performed in a short film. Performed in two other films. I went at it. The biggest thing I got from the 5 months is the chance to grow as a writer. Money is up and it's back to a day job but I am ensuring that I am keeping to some writing goals I have set for myself. Certainly the quantity of written works will go down but I will be focusing on the quality. So I haven't posted because I'm getting myself organized to keep after my creative goals and lead a professional life which will yield income, and potentially savings so some day I can take another intensive 5 months writing writing writing for myself.

I've found myself really into writing plays lately. I have a love for writing for performance and a love for writing for the sake of being read. And plays seem to be able to straddle both of those purposes. It can serve as the blue prints for a performance and can easily be read and enjoyed for literary value.