Monday, July 28, 2008

Dehydration is a Sin

The pond water dissolved
the rough patched tongue and satiated was the necessity of genuine thirst. Damning the roots is arbitrary fascism.
These cells of yours are not of private ownership, do tend to with care. Hydration is the natural order of things and kin to the solar wind. Arid lands are indeed cursed. Rabid warlords privatize the watering holes and breed centuries of misconduct by men. Lend that sun blistered hand to un-announced generations. Drink a cup and pass the chalice, for if you halt the trickling baton, know, just know, dehydration is a sin. Beware pile driving your efforts into a task so neglectful that long in refrain is the quench. Do not maintain the heavy conscience. Proceed in drenching the Oasis Guard in gritty oil and lighting the impending light to draw fellows the lap their rough patched tongues. The honorable war is for the essentials. Dehydration is a sin.