Sunday, February 21, 2010

That Tower Gave me the Creeps

It's been a strange weekend of vivid dreams. Saturday at 4am I woke up bolt upright from a horrifying dream about aggressive demonic ghosts. I was escorting a family in a station wagon across a bizarre treeless terrain against black sky. They stayed in a hotel, incredibly vacant and apparently abandoned. Suddenly I found blood all over my shirt and was aghast, trying to figure out if it was my blood. Then one of the guys I was with came running out from a darkened banquet hall screaming "run, run! A fucking demon is chasing me!" We ran and escaped the building and awoke abruptly. I was a bit stirred trying to go back to sleep. The neighbors above me were making some noise, heard some voices and it took sometime of coming out of the dreamy haze to secure myself in the fact that these weren't indeed ghostly voices.

When I fell back asleep I was part of a ghost hunting team wandering the north east side of Chicago. It was a bit different, a plethora of high rise condos had been erected. All were reportedly haunted, particularly one which had a glass base, plant life and candle chandeliers adorned this foyer. It stretched up like a blend between a "sorry game piece" and the eiffel tower. Looked to be layered with antiquated stone. It had a terrible air, and was rumored to have been built as an architectural beacon to summon spiritual energy, much like Dana Barret's apartment building in Ghostbusters. Check out the ink based drawing I scratched together of it. I'm curious if it has some meaning in my dream terrain.

We continued to survey the stretch of reportedly haunted buildings and were held up for sometime by a rival ghost hunting team which locked us in a public bathroom for some time. We eventually escaped and came across a building I had seen before in a prior dream, back when I was moving. I had dreamt of this tattered high rise which brings Detroit or Cabrini Green to mind. As I left I had noticed some activity in the back cafe. I spied in through the window to the basement lobby and noticed something cult like, people in robes. They noticed me and chased me. This was a dream way back. Anyway we came across it and I did not want to go near. I could have been recognized.

Last night I had a dream that I had to get my tonsils out. Which I already had done my sophomore year of high school! But apparently here they grew back. I was performing in an upcoming play for a long run and so there was a small window of time to get them yanked or else wait and risk infection. I was goaded into getting them yanked right then and there and drugged under. In my recovery my girlfriend took my stay at a cozy, sleek, and modern hotel doused in a soft blue light and which housed a modern marvel of a pool. It was built as a seamless terrace of water. Each depth and height had a different temperature, getting cooler and cooler the higher you went, as though you were walking out into the increasing depths of an ocean beach.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

These are F'd up. Do you drop acid before you go to sleep?

Anonymous said...

How's it going in the wind city? Deep in snowy slush NYC...