Sunday, February 14, 2010

Eye Swat

An old boss of mine once said to me "Jeff, you seem like you're very much in love. Well don't take this the wrong way. Love very much has a way of making you stupid."

This morning I was spending time with my girlfriend and cat, Pythagoras. We were sitting nicely. I closed my eyes to fall back asleep and felt a nip at my eye. "Gus" went to bat at a string of my hair and got my eye lid. We of course yelled at him and scolded him and made him leave the bed. For the next hour Gus looked like a mad child. I remember as kid getting mad at my parents when they yelled at me when I most likely did deserve it. I was just mad at them for being mad at me. I very much felt like a parent. In a strange way having a cat has made me grow up a bit. I know it's a cat and there's not all that much to it, but at the is this living thing whom I am responsible for its life. I love him enough to teach him that swatting at eyeballs is a no-no. Other than that he's a good kid.

Happy Valentines Day!


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...


I know what you mean about the parenting aspect. When my GF is out of town and I'm caring for her cat, its like the cat and I have a whole different relationship with me as the primary caregiver. She's way nicer to me. Then when mommy gets back, I'm second fiddle again.

The Igloo Oven said...

hahahaha. Since I've been working from home lately kitty and I have developed a special bond. I bounce ideas off of him and he mostly agrees that they are good ideas. So my gf is very jealous that he's quicker to hop on my lap before hers. What can I say. We're writing partners. It's merely a business decision.