Monday, February 15, 2010

The Ghost that Shook the Sh&t out of the Bed

Last night at 2:30 am the bed shook three times abruptly and the cat jumped off in panic mode. My first reaction was tight gripping fear. I have been apt to watch a lot of those ghost hunting shows lately and have seen some haunted clients on the show make claims of "we've been woken in the middle of the night with what felt like someone shaking the bed." I was a bit afraid here as thoughts of this poured through my groggy, weary, still slightly sleeping brain.

I was thinking - shit. Are we going to have to arrange some sort of exorcism now? How did this happen? By just watching those shows did we open some sort of ghostly portal? I had a hard time thinking straight and imaginative paranoia trickled.

Then my girlfriend and I remembered that we moved the bed the day prior to clear space for a dolly shot in a movie we were making with Wood Sugars. The bed frame has a wooden platform with a wooden rod running the middle, longways, with three legs to hold it up. Sure enough when I looked under the bed the three legs had slid and slanted. Hence the three shifting bangs.

I was relieved. I confided in my girlfriend this morning of my ghostly fears and she had the same for a split second. Now I just need to get my hands on some lumber and get all carpenter like to fix up the frame so I don't have any more close calls with panic attacks during dark dead time. Or maybe it was caused by another mini earthquake like the one I slept through this week prior?

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