Monday, February 1, 2010

The Roof Party

Last night I dreamed I lived and worked in a very tall tower in a city with very close and sky penetrating towers. On the top most floor was a very run down lounge, no longer in use. Red velvet carpet ran the length of the floors. Booth chairs were gripped in dark red plastic and white curtains covered the windows. An "emergency exit" door opened up to a roof ledge. There was a small space between the ledge and the ledge of another close by building. It snowed heavily. It was often very window and weather was inclement at these heights. One could leap to the other tower's roof although it was scary as fuck. From the other tower one could take an escalator down through an opening in a geodesic glass. Down beneath the geodesic glass was a large hall where a consistent farmer's market was held. I finally worked up the courage to leap to this other tower and visited the market. In my excitement and high for making the leap despite the torrent of wicked snow capped winds, my elbow jittered and knocked a display of heads of lettuce, which all rolled to the floor. I was chased by the farmer who tended that particular kiosk, down through the many vacant floors of old office buildings which now held classrooms for makeshift, independent school systems.


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