Friday, February 12, 2010

Dystopian Basement Gathering

The reading went well last night, I had a blast. I enjoyed everyone's story and strange adventure in apocalypse and I enjoyed reading my new short story Nagasaki Lagoon and I am thankful for the positive feedback. We recorded the audio of it on Aaron's tiny net book so once we clean up the audio, that will be posted here. I'm excited to revisit this story and get it spruced up before submitting it places. If anyone wants to take a look at it I would be glad for the critique. I won't be posting the actual story here as I'd like to unveil in it print somewhere somehow. But shoot me an e-mail if you want to read it TheIglooOven [at] gmail dot com. It's about a shit storm during a pharmaceutical convention in Nagasaki. A literal shit storm. Everyone's piece was very different from one another and awesome. I could recap each reader's piece but I think it would be more fun for you to listen to it when we go live with the pod cast version. You can keep a nice element of surprise.

We are in talks to get going with a monthly reading at Matilda-Baby Atlas. We are thinking of maintaining the same theme of apocalypse. We feel there are so many stories within that theme and it'd be fun to make it a specific and unique reading series. It is such a swell basement room. Layla the bartender was great about closing the door too to block out the noises from the other section of the bar upstairs. So it felt like this intimate little literary gathering work below the surface. We read by candle light. It was a very fitting ambience for our apocalyptic exploration.

As I said I had I blast last night, I think I had too much of a blast. Coming off of the reading our spirits were high so we naturally tried to match it with liquid spirits. More than several shots of tequila! I was hurting this morning. Did not get much done on any projects today, sadly. Unfortunately it became strictly a recovery day. I don't drink very often any more so my tolerance has dropped like a rock! Lesson learned - next reading event at Matilda I will have several creative excuses as to why I shall stick to beer. Layla is awesome whenever we do performance events there about hooking up some celebratory shots for the readers/performances. How does one decline such generosity? I guess I'd rather be hungover than rude...

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