Monday, February 8, 2010

Adore - projection & performance

I recently joined XIII Pocket as an ensemble member and last night I got to see some of the film work for the upcoming production of Adore going up at Steppenwolf in the Garage studio space. The staging of it involves intricate juxtaposition between live stage and film projection, and it's equally interesting to see how Stephen Louis Grush wrote it to play out that way. Often times mediums are mixed to add a stylized layer, but when an artist intends the production's vision as a precise combination of mediums, some very wild and intense stuff can hit the audience on a sensory level quite viscerally.

I'll be seeing a run through of it this coming weekend, so I will talk about it in more detail then. But for now take a look at the trailer. It opens Feb. 28th in the Steppenwolf Garage space.

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