Saturday, May 31, 2008

Sunken Ruby

Rudolph: Where's it housed?

Adolph: In the deep tide. I tossed it over.

Rudolph: Hasty fellow.

Adolph: Couldn't bear the heavy nostalgia.

Rudolph: She gave it to you years ago.

Adolph: When my feelings were much more raw.

Rudolph: Still there's been decades.

Adolph: And a deeper hole.

Rudolph: The pain the oyster feels to make a pearl, I'd think you'd at least appreciate that and move on.

Adolph: The pain I felt to paint her portrait, and she burned it in the oven to roast a suckling pig.

Rudolph: She found function. All you found was sheer avoidance.

Adolph: I couldn't bear it.

Rudolph: The economy won't forgive this easy. Emotional signifcance does not overshadow the worth. If you sold it to the Mongolians as was advised, our empire could have persevered.

Adolph: That ruby sunk the face of our empire long before. I hate her and it clouds my ability to strategize. We cornered our selves.

Rudolph: You cornered your self and with it, incarcerated the movement you started.

Adolph: My stomach pains me.

Rudolph: You should eat.

Adolph: I carved off a chunk of ruby and swallowed it, the day before I threw it to the Caspian Sea. Every morning I feel it trying to digest, but the gash worsens.

Rudolph: My god.

Adolph: I cannot digest a morsel ever again.

Rudolph: So the bitch won.

Adolph: No, we go down together.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

That was sad.

: (

Bitches . . .

jnkw said...

"...Sur notre petit tas de boue, nous ne concevons rien au delĂ  de nos usages." - Voltaire