Friday, May 23, 2008


God: Take a shot of me.

Chad: It won't focus proper.

God: Can't handle my good looks.

Chad: No, I'm sure I can, just have to play the knob here.

God: I must have broken the camera with my good looks.

Chad: Naw, you ain't that good looking.

God: Come again?

Chad: Nothing.

God: You don't honor me, son.

Chad: I do, I do, I was just joshin.

God: I've taken humor out of nature, what does that do for your equation?

Chad: Leaves me rather speechless.

God: What do you think of me?

Chad: I love you.

God: Honesty is what I ask for at this point.

Chad: I love you.

God: My thunder and lightning are in the off position, I won't strike you down, speak as though to your hombre or buddy.

Chad: Well, you're opacity is low due to your omnipresence, therefore getting a shot of you is impossible. And it's frustrating.

God: I really want a photo.

Chad: I know you do.

God: This moment is priceless and you're ill-prepared.

Chad: My equipment isn't capable of handling.

God: I knew you wouldn't be able to handle me.

Chad: It's my equipment and you're low opacity.

God: It's excuses.

Chad: I find I can't talk to you.

God: Most can't.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Did God come to the U505? Why does Marge never schedule me for those special events?