Friday, May 30, 2008

Infinite Broil

Han: The deep dish has no flavor.

Jas: This morning we drained that tank of MSG.

Han: Who saw about the refill?

Jas: I thought that was attached to your responsibilities.

Han: Task master pile driver grunt. Piss poor assumptions. No! NO! No! That was attached to your goddamn responsibilities.

Jas: Judith mentioned you were doing it.

Han: I didn't even know it was low!

Jas: People don't seem to notice the deep dish is flat.

Han: Deep dish is filler without punch of taste, even you know that.

Jas: Even I know that...

Han: Mediocrity always seems to prevail on your shifts.

Jas: You think I'm a ree ree?

Han: No comment.

Jas: Take the easy way out chief.

Han: You have 30 seconds to finish that deep dish or your butt is getting fired.

Jas: When the tanker comes to fill the MSG pool, I will spike it with gasoline.

Han: You plan to burn the place down?

Jas: No. No flame. Just poison.

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Interesting Conversation!
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