Monday, May 12, 2008

Sardine Lethargy

Rookie: Why is one of your legs fatter than the other?

Novice: You always get your kicks out of pointing out defects?

Rookie: Just curious. Never seen anything like it before.

Novice: I was raised not to feel shame and hide my legs in baggy pants.

Rookie: So you flaunt your deformity by wearing short shorts?

Novice: And you flaunt your pock marks by not wearing a mask?

Rookie: Didn't mean to pick a fight.

Novice: Didn't mean to be on the defensive.

Rookie: You hungry?

Novice: I could use a bite.

Rookie: Take our lunch.

Novice: I didn't bring one.

Rookie: We can hit a cafe.

Novice: No, can't do that until this first pay check clears.

Rookie: I have some cans of sardines. I'll share.

Novice: I will use a twig to stab a little sardine to pop in my mouth. My fingers are a little muddy and I don't wish to spoil the contents of your can.

Rookie: I will help you find a good twig. And I will find one for myself because my fingers are also muddy.

Novice: Well, it's the work we do.

Rookie: Muddy work.

Novice: When it needs to get done.

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