Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Exit Strategy

George: That explosion really dunged me up.

Jorge: Don't let it get to you... get to you friend. That's when it gets bad.

George: Wasn't expecting him to be that sensitive. Really dunged me up.

Jorge: I understand it dunged you up friend. What a fucking experience. But don't forget I paid for your ticket to get the hell out of here, which you tore up and made a show of it flittering in the wind, friend.

George: That explosion really dunged me up, goddamnit, don't fucking blame me now.

Jorge: Meng, you could have not been here for that explosion.

George: I'm not like you.

Jorge: I'm not like you, friend.

George: We both value our lives but approach consequences differently.

Jorge: Surely you learned something from what you got yourself into.

George: Don't have time for this kind of talk.

Jorge: What is your exit strategy now?

George: Goddamn chief, that explosion really dunged me up.

1 comment:

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I say these guys both get dunged up on a case of PBR. Heals all wounds.