Sunday, May 1, 2011

Repost or Die (this is just a title, don't take seriously)

I always have a tough time when I see those types of messages, either e-mailed as a forward or posted on a status that mention something along the lines of "you must repost or you will get bad luck for such and such years." My rational thought process lets me know it is bullshit, it is imaginary consequences for something to go viral for inane, anonymous motivations. But still, fear gets stirred in me for the moment, especially when it points to bad luck with money. Living paycheck to paycheck, that, well, freaks me out, just thinking about it. I'm susceptible to some degree of superstition. Growing up I did some small boat sailing, and I found in races, when the wind would lull, if I spat over the side of the boat in odd numbers, for instance, if I spat 3 times, I'd get a little gust of wind, a boost of momentum. And as I kept this up, I won races! So, if spit helped me win sailing regattas, perhaps there is substance in a goofy chain letter. What if there is a curse involved? I think, is it worth risking, shan't I just repost it for good measure? But when I get ultra rational and metaphysical, I think on the fact that most "curses" are brought on through calling up the help of spirits or demons. And when it comes down to it, to incant a curse through facebook or an AOL message...I'm pretty certain spirits and demons do not pay attention to any shit that goes down on the internet. Beelzebub does not have a facebook account. So I am probably pretty safe for not reposting that status I saw about Chinese money luck.

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