Sunday, May 1, 2011

A scene with Bluetooth Man

The following is a scene which took place on the corner of Cornelia/Broadway in Chicago.

A car parks at the side of the road. Two men and a young woman exit the car. The two men are both wearing Cubs hats. One of them is younger, he has a Bluetooth in his ear. The other is older, could be his father. A third man struggles to get out of the back seat. The Bluetooth Man goes to pay the parking meter. The older man paces in the quiet street. He might be slightly intoxicated. No traffic passes.

BLUETOOTH MAN: Jim! Get out of the road!
JIM: What?
BLUETOOTH MAN: You're stumbling in the road.
WOMAN: Do you want some money for parking?
BLUETOOTH MAN: No. I think I can afford three dollars.

The man in the backseat finally gets out. He limps. The woman helps him close the door.

BLUETOOTH MAN: Jim! Stop walking around in the road!
LIMPER: What's he doing?
BLUETOOTH MAN: He's stumbling around in the street! (Chuckles)
JIM: Oh well.

The Bluetooth Man places the parking slip in the window. All of them walk away from the car, j-walking at the lead of the Bluetooth Man.

I felt I had to write this. The demeanor of the Bluetooth Man was beyond douche bag. I hope that it is apparent in the behavior exchange above.

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