Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soap Sud/Lingering Drain Formations

I was taking a shower and noticed the formation of soap and shampoo foam looking like a little white head, with two bubbles opening up - the eyes. And a tiny bubble, a little gaping mouth. The foam pointed into a little edge, a little tail that flickered and wavered in the rushing water. It looked like a happy little sperm man.

At work, in one of the bathroom stalls, there are little holes and indentations in the bricks of the wall. They line up like constellations to form little faces. Some look like rabbits, dogs, old grimacing men. Dramatic faces yawning and bellowing.

I like seeing things configured in the shading of objects. Perhaps it is a healthy function of Gestalt psychology being sound. The brain is filling in patterns and adding flavor to perception. The imagination is being exercised. Or perhaps this a bad habit, for some day down the road when dementia sets it sails, these patterns recognized become all too vivid and undecipherable from reality. A frightening face on the bathroom wall would stop my bowels.

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