Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Blackest of Clouds

I find I probably feel the most relaxed when weather is ominous. This morning some dark thunderclouds rolled and walking into work with rain percolating more aggressively with each step, clutching and protecting my travel mug of coffee, I suddenly felt very excited for the day. I've always loved those days of summer, when you sit at the beach all day, beautiful sunny blue sky, not even a cloud for awhile, and a dark black cumulonimbus comes plowing from the horizon and you hurriedly gather your towels and beach toys to get out from it's wrath in the nick of time. It's beautiful.

I think the "relaxing element" comes from both a perk in adrenaline, the caveman in us becomes alive, senses more astute than the normal hour as the elements are banging away, and the subconscious possibility that this earthshaking storm could be the end of the times, or least a destructive barrier in the day's agenda. This sort of washes away worries for me. A sense that whatever I have been sweating out in my mind, has little power over anything, compared with what is physically going on around me.

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