Friday, April 22, 2011

Great Pacific Garbage Patch!

Saw a thing on TV last night. Massive circling constellations of human trash circling in the ocean. Plastic chunks being ground down and coating some beaches heavily like a new toxic sand. Happy Earth Day! Take a break from throwing your Doritos bags and Mountain Dew bottles into the sea for a day. Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

I ride the bus everyday and litter seems to pile on some desolate corners like color faded snow banks. Chicago is looking to catch up with Detroit in image of degraded, desolate urban pockets. Of failed industry and weathered, dimmed humanity.

Today I board a flight to North Carolina for a few days. Weather prediction is high of 80s, even 90s on Sunday. I'm very thrilled for the warmth, and the momentary change of scenery. I expect the vegetation to be quite blooming this time of year. I'll also see some family members I haven't seen in approximately 8 years! My flight was supposed to be this morning, but I received a call from a 1-800 number I didn't know. Naturally I rejected the call. No message was left. Out of curiosity I "googled" the number. It told me it was an American Airlines number. (Their website is - perhaps a great airline for the anonymous alcoholics!) So I checked my flight status. Flight 4008 = Cancelled! Oh dear, I called the number and it was all good, they moved us to a later flight. But good thing I called. They didn't leave a message. Good thing for my curiosity. Perhaps they would have called back in due time. I will participate in a jumbo jet burning fuel on Earth Day. But then I'm "jet"pooling with others. Maybe that's why they moved our flight? Not enough passengers, so they thought better on Earth Day and wished to consolidate, for Mother Earth. Or for cutting costs.

I had a dream the other night my girlfriend and I moved to Arizona and lived on a house atop a butte over looking a quiet highway. I love Chicago, but in order to appreciate it I need my periodic breaks from it. From concrete, noise, agendas, massive criss crossing paths of people on agendas, or none, just bustling. I wouldn't mind living atop a butte in the desert for a month. With my type writer, a fire pit, and cans of beans and jerky kept in tin foil.

I close my eyes for a moment and picture myself swimming in the current of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. This is a metaphor for modern society. We must enjoy the pristine waters in between it all and constantly maneuver to keep a comfortable space.

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