Tuesday, August 11, 2009


The love of my life got a job offer teaching in the upper peninsula of Michigan for the sum of $300K a year. Waiting in the car as she went into the rural bank to get a loan for a condo, a mudslide unleashed its rush upon a usually gentle creek. My heart sank as I brought my mom's cat to the vet, to realize they were closed for the next two days, and I almost left the poor cat in the cage, in the hot car. I soon caught my glitch and humanity and rectified by getting her to a cool shelter, but horrified that I could neglect to begin with. I got a job as a police officer. I was on the steak out on an old dilapidated house believed to be a house of crack. In a beater of a car, another cop almost gave me a parking ticket until I flashed my badge.

Dream Log 8.11.09

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