Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ghost Run

The carviverously cavernlike house was massive and stood decrepit with the stain of several generations that behaved in such stainful ways that souls continued to linger and spread their spite with naughty sounds and attention getting tricks. The souls wanted to hinder anyone who lived there from cognition until the living helped the soul achieve some sort of understanding or catharsis. The house gained quite the reputation. A not-for-profit raising money to help newly blind folk adapt and learn self sufficient ways to get around, rented the house from a failing broker and set work to host an extravagent event for Halloween. An obstacle race was to be held inside the house, costumed runners to make their way through maze of creepy halls and staircases and gardens, made even more creepy by brave and imaginitive volunteers who had a knack for something decorative. Courageous runners, signed up by the thousands, as teams and families, and gave chase through the house of subtle horrors. Legs as pistons up steep steps at times felt the cold grip of a tormented apparition try to hold them back and yank them down atop old splintery wood. Yet the comraderie of a thousand living helped each other cope with the chills and all who witnessed the event pondered whether this would be as much fun if they were alone in the darkness and draft. At the end of the night, a minister said a prayer for the house, the not-for-profit president collected the jar of donated entry fees and all left before midnight. Before lightning struck the tree beside the house and stirred all the ghouls that crept to scream and the whole town heard and rose awoke and could not sleep and all wondered how the hell they had the balls to run through such a piece of hell on Earth.

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