Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mobile Home

Atop the rail track I resided, 20 feet above the street. A railtrack ran in circles, with the house unit resting atop the rails. If I desired, I could clamp the house in place, on one spot along the rails, or I could lighten the resistenance and allow the wind to twirl me gently along the circular path. Above the street, gliding and gazing, and feeling the comfortable ride of the mobile home for the future. Many such houses popped up on a grid line of circles, squares, and straight lines running along the horizontal length between city sky scrapers. More grids were erected in place twenty feet above mine, and some twenty feet above theirs, and so on, and so on, until the rail grid collective itself competed with the height of the skyscrapers. As I said, this is the mobile home of the future, rest assured in your soft steel trot in motion upon a fixed path of comfort and easy mode of relocation if you so desired to rent another track.

Dream Log 8.9.09

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