Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Greatest Hamstring (Prank) Ever Pulled

This morning I was a running enthusiast and went down town to watch my girlfriend run in the Shamrock Shuffle. As I walked up to my intended post to spectate at the corner of Roosevelt and Michigan, a guy and his girlfriend rounded the corner.

The guy faked a hamstring injury and went down. His girlfriend slowed and went over to him. "You okay, you okay?" 

Course Marshals hustled over to him as well. The guy waved them off. "I'm fine, I'm fine!" 

Guy: I'm not actually injured. I just wanted an excuse to get down on one knee...

The girl didn't quite hear him. She had ear-buds in. 

Girl: You alright?

Guy: I'm fine. I love you so much-

Girl: (gearing up to trot) Come on, let's go.

Guy: (a little louder) I just wanted an excuse to get down on one knee. I love you so much.

Girl: What's going on?

The guy reached into his pocket, pulled out a crumpled tissue. Inside that was a little black velvet pouch. He fumbled with the drawstrings to pull out a ring. The girl now took her ear-buds out.

Girl: Is this for real??

I think she said yes. I didn't hear her say it, but she kissed him and let him slide on the ring. The ring didn't quite fit, didn't make it past the knuckle. Though that can be fixed later.

An older couple by me took some photos of the proposal. The man shouted to the guy, "I got some photos, do you want me to e-mail them to you?" 

Guy: It's okay, my parents are over there taking photos.

His parents were on the other side, a little further away. Then a bearded guy by us said "I got photos too! Congrats."

The girl noticed him. "Is that Brian!!?? What the hell!!"

The newly engaged couple started to run off, near the finish! A Course Marshal jogged over to them. "I should let you know, it's all up hill from here, haha." And all of the married couples watching got a good laugh at his joke. 

I'm glad it was a successful proposal. I couldn't imagine one having to finish a running race with the weight of disappointment.

It was nice to see such a feel good moment. Prior to this, as the "Elite" runners were to be rounding onto Michigan avenue, a car somehow turned onto the road and everyone, spectators, marshals were flipping out at him. A cop car cornered him, two cops ran over to face down his hood. The driver stopped his car, "what do you want me to do?" You could hear his thoughts. Marshals came out from the crowds to unlatch a barricade so he could drive out. 

I could see his flushed face and feel his embarrassment heat the windshield.


Kenneth Noisewater said...

What a clever man! Good to do the proposal during a 5k. The engagement could have been off at mile 20 of a full marathon.

The Igloo Oven said...

Here's a terrible joke, but looking back after the recent events in Boston, but the proposer dropped a nice kind of bombshell!