Monday, April 1, 2013

April Foole

Our kitchen at work is stocked with candy. I made the comment to a co-worker that, even though I threw away Mounds candy bars accumulated during Halloween as a child, I thoroughly enjoy them as an adult. He reacted as though I confessed I enjoy licking piss from the rim of a toilet bowl. He made it clear how disgusting he thought coconuts to be in general. With April 1st looming, I thought this ammunition to fuck with him.

My first thought was to make coconut brownies, pass them off as regular brownies, get him to take a big bite. Though I didn't make it to the grocery store over the weekend. So, I bought some coconut water, and had plans to pour that in his water glass when he wasn't looking. I was concerned, because pouring some in my own glass, I was reminded, it's not too clear. 

I prepped to try it anyway, but the guy didn't have a water glass at his desk all day. I tried to  plant thirst in his mind, making my own frequent trips to the water cooler, proclaiming each time that I was damn thirsty for some reason, maybe something in the air. But he paid no mind.

Eventually he got a Vitamin Water and drank it real slow.

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Kenneth Noisewater said...

How clueless were those parents giving out the Mounds? No kid in the world likes those things. Might as well give me an apple. Yuck.