Sunday, March 4, 2012

WingFest 2012

Last Sunday we at Wood Sugars did another video at WingFest (see last year's here) so we could be in attendance via press passes. The video we shot is top secret for the time being. I can't talk about it. I was really proud of myself because I had the opportunity to be in the chicken wing eating contest and I was very tempted, almost did it, but I decided not to because I thought it would be in the interest of self control and my acid reflux. I thought it would be more fun to taste wings gracefully, not shovel them into my mouth, but there's this weird energy at WingFest, lots of lines, and people hungry buzzed  from tailgating and so you already got this animalistic urge infecting you to push through lines for meat. And you fill up your paper basket with wings and then you chew them apart one after another. You don't care that you have wing sauce on your face, and people wear white t-shirts so they can show off wiping off their wing sauced fingers on their white t-shirt so you don't feel so bad about licking your fingers down and then wiping them off on your jeans. I probably should have just done the wing eating contest because I was still kind of hurting later, might as well make a show of it! 

I'm a glutton, I really am. Most of my posts here have to do with food because food is a big driving force of my life. They say you should go after your passion as a career, I probably should have been a chef. Jeff the chef.

I need new hobbies so I can write less about food. I am shoveling popcorn in my face between writing sentences as we speak. I need a new hobby like storm chasing. 

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