Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sound Idea

I was thinking I'd like to someday invest in an amusement project. Like the grooves of a record, it would be something wild to create a slide with embedded sound patterns, so they vibrated as your butt dragged down with gravity. Or a vinyl track that belted out as you sprinted. Or such grooves at the bottoms of skis. A hockey puck that chanted as it drifts atop the ice towards a goal. Perhaps it's good innovators haven't run wild with this in their products or we'd all be going nuts with superfluous reverberations. 

At the very least, I'd like a banister made of such so I could be rambunctious and go down the stairs in style. Or if tired from a day's work, languidly drag my hand across it for a melty drawl.


Traditionology said...

holy shit that is a fantastic idea

The Igloo Oven said...

Thanks man. We should clink beer cans sometime. Maybe beer cans with such grooves as to sing a cheers.