Monday, December 21, 2009

Thin Strip of Hair

I am realizing I am not a fan of the man with a ponytail. Perhaps this is something I've always tended towards but it consumed me like a gutteral reflex about a week ago when I was at a poetry reading, some ass in the back with a ponytail, drinking Tecates began heckling an old man who was reading poetry. The regular emcee was not there so it seemed they were not able to bring out the usual lighting, so he had difficulty reading. During the process of him stumbling over some words, a small group of office folk left the bar. You could from the get go that they were not pleased this was poetry night. The ponytail fellow - smily smuggly - shouted "you sure know how to bring in a crowd!" This was the closest I've coming to instigating a punching in another fellow's face. In the end I exerted self control/pussied out. God, what a smug little fuck. Reminded me of a Leo Johnson from Twin Peaks.

Last night I had an intense dream which actually has inspired within me a new idea for a play. I will begin working on it in the new year. I've never tried mead before, and I think I will make it my new year's resolution - to try mead. Fermented honey correct?

Last night chocolate chip pancakes made an appearance in my dreams and this evening my girlfriend suggested we make some. What a great manifestation it turned out to be!

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