Thursday, April 10, 2008

{Dream Log 4.10.08}

The circles in snow, widening with each reckless rotation, padded into a thick, slick wintry surface. Doing "donuts" in the parking lot with a beat up car became joyous horseplay. Mindless and nostalgic, we had nothing to lose.

Myself and three females, all bundled up, waiting a long stretch of time for the coal fueled choo choo train to arrive. Between running "donuts" with the car in the parking lot and waiting a top a wood rotted train platform with rusted iron, we still saw no signs of a train light breaking through the blizzard haze in the distance down the whitened track. The track disappeared under the accumulated snow, so did our hopes for the train to arrive that evening.

We climbed over a chain link fence and invited ourselves into the old, vacant train depot.

We spent the night in the control tower. We spread our jackets and scarves to make a pseudo blanket and huddled close together for warmth, in the nude, with skin conducting cozy. Myself, three women, passing time in a shared dream, anxious for the train to take us to our shared destination.

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jnkw said...

L'historie du "igloo oven."