Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cellular Conspiracy in Favor of Gluttony

I've been trying this thing; where I actually eat healthy. Cut out the deep fried shit, the mono sodium glutamate, slabs of red meat, the intensity of sugars. Focus on the whole wheat grains, the greens, the vegetables, the fruits, the white meats; in general food stuffs that the human body processes with ease and utilizes efficiently to power a vibrant man to do his life's work.

With each attempt to put the above into practice, my body screams with cravings. Each cell, each atom joining together in a violent protest and rant. In conspiracy with these biological hooligans are the images and sounds pounded and absorbed into my sub-conscience over the past quarter of a century. KFC and Dunkin Donuts rip forth all consuming invitations, festering from the inner depths of the brain region responsible for emotion. Joy is biggie sized in my whorish run to 7/11.

Each thought in the direction of natural diet, bounces back with maximum withdrawal for the empty calorie American soul food. The temper tantrum and pseudo bar fight of a cellular conspiracy, fiercely addicted to chimichanga burritos, crab rangoon, White Castle, Pizza Hut Express, breakfast sandwiches are amplified, crippling.

Each cell gets its fix and goes into a coma. The lazy boy recliner takes precedent over all other potential activities. Today I sound my right to behave as a true American. My Ben & Jerry's pint awaits me and I will descend upon it with relaxed animal instinct for desert.

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jnkw said...

Pour certains, le roi d'hamburger est le travail de vie.