Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Plus and Minus Poems

Plus: Plunge

Gorgeous weather follows
You like a tail of the
Best karma.
Aura of the pleasant.
Your rainstorm clears out
What blocks my joy.
And in your absence,
I thirst for the freshness of your fog.
You haunt my dreams; I'm stirred awake.
I feel my nerve endings go in circles.
I can't help but fear the worst,
Because when your face fades in
My mind's eye, my vital charge
Sinks to the bottom of the pool.
Waiting for it to be stirred by the
Swirling dip of your toes.
Down in the pool
Where I bob in anticipation.
I see you plunge from the sunlit
Water weave into the cool density
Of this existence where gravity
No longer exists
Suddenly we are lighter than
we could ever imagine to be.

Minus: Cringe

She claws a greasy bag.
Grease has stained right through it
To where I can the contents in
Residue only.
She reaches that big hand of hers
Into it.
The rustle noise drowned out
By her caucophonous gab.
A pile of food is thrust into her mouth,
And the intensity of her gab
Becomes all the more obscene
As her speech works through sliced potatoes.

Later she will leer at me
Through a secret window.
The beast, will pop out from around
The corner, bellowing
Desperate affection.
A gender role reverse of predation.
Passing by she will touch my hair
With those greased up talons.
I send out my apology
To every girl that I may
Have gazed upon for a moment
Too long.
I realize the cringe.


Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

As for the last post, both times I've been at your apartment I've been totally lit, so anything that bit me died of alcohol poisoning, due to my booze saturated blood. Deadly.

jnkw said...

L'homme se réveille à la lumière des Anus solaires: