Monday, July 30, 2012

Minor Ghost

I was plucked fast awake from a deep sleep last night. Like the sucking of a bubble through a straw. I had felt a cold index and middle finger poked me in my side. My stomach was exposed as I typically sleep without a shirt on. I didn't see anyone, nor a figure beside my edge of the bed. My girlfriend was asleep on the other side, and so was my cat, curled up by her toes. He would have been the second suspect...perhaps a cold wet nose had triggered the sensation? I would have hoped. But I saw no explanation, I just sat winding down from an unexpected cold burn in my side. Sleep disturbed, groggy, disoriented, thinking about calling out "hey what's the big idea!?" but not sure if I was ready to provoke a convo with a possible ghost, or with myself.

I then got up to pee. And the bathroom felt intensely cold. Intensely cold, I'll repeat for effect. Our air conditioning was definitely not churning to any extreme.

When I washed my hands I was afraid to look in the mirror, thinking I'd see a face standing behind me. A creepy woman's pale face. Or a man with a handlebar mustache and black, beady eyes. But I didn't. 

I tried to go back to bed, uncertain whether my mind was playing tricks or if a cold ghost had  really poked me in the gut to get me up in the middle of the night. 

Tonight I'm tempted to bring out an old tape recorder and do a little EVP session. But that could also really change things around here, so I may just laugh it off until I get poked again. This apartment building is pretty old, been around since the 1920s, so it's about time something did some creeping around. I'll think this kind of exciting as long as some succubus doesn't try any funny stuff, because a cold hand on my junk would not be welcome.

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