Monday, March 28, 2011

Ghost in the Bathroom

I dreamed that I was on some road trip, stopped off at an old hotel to take a wizz. I followed the signs to the lobby bathroom, which took me into an old wing which used to a hospital. The lights were out. I flicked them on and saw some old florescence trickle on down one side of a long room, with old beds and gurneys. I hustled to the far end where a trough ran the wall. I unzipped, yet was startled by my periphery - an old man in a hospital gown stood at the end of his bed, smoking a cigarillo. We made eye contact. His eyes were a deep black. I shivered from a wave of chills that over took me. I had no doubt that he was a phantom as he appeared out of nowhere. I could no longer pee in such conditions. I took off sprinting down the left side of the room, between the wall and a long curtain. I peeked out at one point, about where the old man phantom would be, and he had moved in closer, about to reach for me through the curtain...

I awoke at this point, chilled out of my mind. My girlfriend informed me that I had been whimpering moments before in my sleep. Damn ghosts.

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