Friday, January 21, 2011

Diary Diary

I've been away from this blog for awhile, been pretty active with the Wood Sugars, producing, writing for, performing in a variety show podcast called Inside the Barrel. We're gearing up for some short films we're about to shoot. We're adapting a fun play by Keely Flynn into a film, so that's definitely a good challenge to reshape for the screen and cut down on some of the time constraints we're faced with, a lot of great banter dialogue that we want to keep in there. It's my first experience adapting a stage piece for the screen.

I think I mentioned some time ago that I was reworking a novel manuscript of mine. I've seen begun playing with it in screenplay form. When I wrote the manuscript originally, I wrote it very stream of conscious so some sections easily become tangential and sloppy, and took on the challenge of completing it in a month, sitting down and doing it. It proved to be a great exercise in character creation and point of view. There are some chapters in which I'm quite proud of the language, although as a whole, I don't find it publishable, which is sad on one end, I put a lot of work into writing a novel. But the story itself I'm still excited with and have restructured, redeveloped and got it to a point where its ready to be done again.

I've felt a lot of creative fluidity with the screenplay format recently, for some odd reason. I think it stems from the thrill of writing scenes, and having a form that can hatch performances. I've found it quite rewarding to see actors bring my writing to life, from writing podcast sketches, from the Bosto workshop with XIII Pocket, and in writing Post Privilege with Wood Sugars for the National Film Challenge. I wanted to write more scripts, its exciting to build that text for a group of various artisans (actors, cinematographers, composers, etc) to bring to life, and so in reworking my novel manuscript, it started to come to life again in writing for an audio/visual medium. So I'm about half through the feature length film script which I've molded into a new medium, which I'm finding is strengthening this particular story.

Anyway, I'm probably going to be jotting more stuff down on this blog going forward. I feel like my brain needs it, to spew thoughts on various creative projects, maybe vent, maybe rave about certain excitements. And another excuse to write when I feel like my brain is too drained at the end of the day to do justice to any current story projects. Kinda like a diary, a public diary, which is fine. I have a diary book by my bed but my handwriting sucks and my cat keeps stealing my pens to play floor hockey.

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