Friday, January 29, 2010


I've developed an odd habit over the past week. I've taken to zoning out in deep thought while brushing my teeth. The foam builds up and I wind up swallowing a little, and then I cough and gag. It makes me want to not brush my teeth. But I don't have dental insurance so that would be a bad idea. I must really work on focusing on the task at hand. It reminds of something an old boss said to me when I slipped up a little on a project, I forgot to test one of our back up systems, and sure enough we needed it and it didn't work. I apologized to him and said I was going to create detailed checklist for the event the following year so I don't neglect by mistake in the load of the of other things to do, a simple yet important factor. He said to me "Jeff, this should be very much part of our culture...if we have to make a list to get it done then we have bigger problems. It should be habit, like brushing our teeth in the morning, we shouldn't have to think twice about it."
Hmm...seems like I am having trouble with the tooth brushing thing as well. He also made a reference about an employee who was on the immature side about "it's like having to watch a kid so he doesn't eat the whole bag of oreos." I also have a tendency to eat a whole bag of oreos when one is laid in front of my face. I must be a f*ck up in his book.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

If I know which boss you speak of, and I think I do, then I wouldn't worry because EVERYONE is an F-up in his book. If it were up to him, there would be 400 of him running that company, and you know what? He tried to show me how to do "the ramp" at "the wheel" one day, and he stunk at it.

Keep zoning out. Zoning out is when us writers get the best work done.