Friday, June 6, 2008

Turban Tan

The drippy man, who emerges from the lake, is pink from sunburn. His bald head, pasty white, which he soon wraps a towel to keep the top spot of the noggin shielded from the harshest UV rays on that part of the continent. Ozone terrorism peeled cancerous sections from long lost friends of his, whose carcas remains brushed over with sand scattering and layering in the desert breeze. The drippy man stands proud in his turban, and pokes each leg one at a time into tattered jeans and does the same with a sea green sweater, stitched with the image of a light house. The drippy man, still not quite dry despite the wicked sea breeze slapping at his back, has a taller shadow with the help of his make shift turban. He sighs as the keys in his pockets scrape his leg. He hates thin pockets. He hates feeling things bouncing around, knicking his flesh, as though the condom thin layered pocket is about to rip and spill his essential possessions.

The drippy man had a little nightmare before this so called vacation. He dreamt that in the face of rugged mountain bandits, his bald skin was scalped and red tissue adorned the tip of his head, the opposite look from his turban tan. He awoke and looked in the mirror. Left unsure whether he could truly blend in with different cultures. The throbbing lack of confidence for undercover games sunk his efficiency and reputation. A disguise leaves it's revealing mark, just as undergarments leave indentations on the waist line of a once naked man. The turban tan line disturbs what most assumed was thorough immersion in a terrible land, sleeping in poppy fields and assassinating drug lords. It only increases the occupation nightmare. Gagged, blindfolded, and chained, left in a drippy cave or basement, only guessing from the sounds of light water trickling and voices in an unintelligible dialect. And left to wish with all ounces of desperation, that he should have removed his turban more often when wandering in the sun. And he fears this line is more prominent in the wet glistening drip that hits his forehead and spreads a sheen on his head as a whole.

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Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Those turban tans can be quite unsightly.