Tuesday, February 26, 2008

{Dream Log - 2.26.08}

{Dream Log - 2.26.08}

Descending the gargantuan office building, the elevator flashed a view of the outside air, spitting sights at the same rapid rate as the descent. I had just finished kissing a young lady in my office. She was of petite nature, light brown hair the color of rich sand that seemed to fly in the sun, with the cutest bangs, and firm little breasts that pressed out against her pink button up shirt. Her legs in panty-hose wrapped around my hips as she offered me her lips. At the base of the tower I realized I had forgotten my brief case up top. The elevator went bust at this time, and as I knew important work laid waiting in that case, I charged up 75 flights of stairs, but this was fine because I had to do something with all of my adrenaline from my kiss with the lovely temp that came out of nowhere, Chantelle. I made it to 75, sweaty with a racing pulse and panting breath. I strolled into my office, and to my surprise, Chantelle was waiting for me and held out my briefcase for me to receive.
"I figured you'd come back for this," she whispered in a soft but pleasantly raspy voice. She smiled a smile that haunted me with glee.
I thanked her and wrapped my arm around her waist. I pulled her to the window and we gazed out at the city.
"The elevator is shut down because of the immense winds," I mentioned as I wiped my sweaty brow with my tie.
"Yeah, I felt some wicked sway! I was frightened."
As she said this my eyes fell into her deep brown cornea. My trance was interrupted by a rumble of thunder.
In the distance, dark clouds, massive gray stained with the blackened burn of storm, were brewing up and puffing momentum towards our tower.
"Come," I said, "I'll give you a piggy back ride down the stairs."


jnkw said...

L'hallucination simple: on mange du porc aujourd'hui.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

Hey, next time we're at The Cock, will you give me a piggy-back ride down the stairs?